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Project calculation

Do you like to drive blindfolded? We do not! Especially not when it comes to your projects!
Often enough retrofit projects or new installations have to be done alongside the day-to-day business. It's clear that one or the other is suffering. Get in touch with us to get project planning, scope and cost assurance. And often we present you with alternative solutions, which you did not think of.  

What is the approach? 

A thorough and careful recording of your goals is one of them! As a first step, one of our sales representatives captures the project idea and the goal. Depending on the scope and complexity, he then calls in a technician, who can work out a cost estimate.
The next step is to define exactly the material and components that are necessary. In addition, the project calculation contains the type and scope of the technical service, taking into account all specifications and guidelines, such as the Workplace Ordinance or the Machinery Safety Directive. In addition, you may also expect us to carefully consider the benefits and alternatives and a detailed return of investment view. After all, the actions should also be worthwhile economically.
Use the contact service on this page or call your sales representative. He looks forward to your call.

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