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Supplier responsibilities

As a value-add distributor we pursue long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers to bring ideas to life and make our customers succeed. We strive for perfection when it comes to innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement of our products, services and solutions. In return, we ask our suppliers to do the same with regard to quality standard and ethics.

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We stimulate and realise efficient energy use by promoting and self-usage of sustainable product. We offer our customers solutions that stimulate efficient energy use and are supported by ‘green’ product. The key factors of such solutions are energy efficient product as well as efficient use of our processes and that of our customers.
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We are itsme: Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical. We are an independent, technical provider of both Electrical and Mechanical products, services, and solutions, with a specific strength in motion and control applications. Our 550 dedicated employees in 5 countries help machine building; module building; maintaining \(industrial end-users\) and industrial installing companies to increase revenue, reduce risk and decrease cost. With more than 100years of experience, we bring ideas to life and make our customers succeed
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About us
In addition to the reliable supply of electrical components and professional sourcing, we offer more. With our comprehensive range of technical and logistic services, we succeed in contributing to the success of our customers.
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We support our customers in achieving success through the selection of and implementation of electrical and mechanical components and systems, services and logistics. Together with our technical support we ensure that customers are able to focus on their core activities.
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