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ABB Authorized Value Provider

Schultz+Erbse is an authorized value provider for ABB. This means our sales and technical teams are on a par with ABB’s own engineers. ABB trains us and audits us to ensure we comply with the obligations and responsibilities which come with the Authorized Value Provider program:
  • We have trained and certified technical engineers with know-how of the latest ABB technologies and developments
  • We offer instant access to technical support and up to date ABB technical product information
  • We carry stock to ensure prompt deliveries of ABB products
  • We have certified technical engineers who provide practice-oriented training programs for ABB’s frequency converters
In other words: we do not only offer ABB’s products, but we also provide the appropriate services and engineering solutions to ensure a seamless selection and integration of ABB’s products and solutions.

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In the fast changing world of industrial automation you like to stay informed. A training or expert-workshop would be logical, but the offer must correspond with what a programmer or service engineer wants to learn. Opt therefore for customised learning material, with one of more than 65 training packages provided by itsme Industrial Automation. You won’t so much learn from a trainer, but mainly from a technician. From somebody who knows your world and takes the practical as a starting point.
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Industrial automation
Hat sich die Welt der industriellen Automatisierung jemals so schnell verändert? Die Auswirkungen des Internets der Dinge verlaufen rasend schnell, Daten scheinen das neue Gold zu sein. Während sich die Konkurrenz auf die Zukunft vorbereitet, fragen auch Sie sich, welche Schritte Sie unternehmen müssen. Aber womit fangen Sie an? Sie implementieren nicht willkürlich eine Lösung. Sie ziehen es vor, zuerst die Fakten und den Kontext zu berücksichtigen. Oder?
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itsme’s ABB training courses includes training both in new products or systems as well as in existing automation systems. Our training provides comprehensive, up-to-date technical expertise that increases your employees’ skills, knowledge and productivity.
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FREQ-ABB - ABB Frequency Converters
In this course the participants will learn the fundamentals of the inverter technology as well as the parameterization of frequency converters. Various scenarios are programmed on the PC.
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