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Optimization of the new plinth system VX Rittal

The new plinth system VX has been on the market for two years. So it's time to analyze the practical experience to make the pedestal system VX even better.

In addition to the already known advantages

  • More space savings - because the entire plinth range can be used practically
  • More ease of installation - thanks to faster mounting using already integrated nuts
  • More flexibility - thanks to the extensive range of extension components

now come the significantly improved stability and simplified handling. The plinth plinths at the front and rear are now screwed in series from the front. This provides even more safety and stability and still allows quick and easy access to the cable management level within the base. The optimized VX base system is also 100% compatible with the previous version.


From now on, Rittal supplies the optimized plinth system VX that replaces the previous version of the plinth system VX. 

This optimization applies only to the VX plinth system in sheet steel.

The plinth plinths with brush strip and the plinth plinths ventilated (both 100 mm high) remain unchanged.

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