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Heliox powers city buses

Ingenious cooperation in the chain enables growth

Starting point

  • Heliox markets an innovative charging system for electric city buses
  • Strong increase in demand from all over Europe
  • Production must be scaled up and optimised
  • Little time, many demands


Heliox designs and produces innovative charging systems for electric city buses. In the past two years the company has experienced enormous growth. The production of the battery systems must therefore be scaled up and optimised. Heliox wants to meet customer demand, cut time and costs, and have room for new innovations. They ask itsme for help.


itsme helps Heliox optimise the processes in the chain. After standardisation and adjustment of the BOM, Heliox goes from 75 to 5 suppliers. itsme manages its stocks and ensures that the required materials are always available, so that Heliox doesn’t experience any delays. This also goes for installation materials (cables), and the availability of service items for maintenance and outages. itsme advises Heliox to initiate cooperation with cabinet constructor VHE Industrial Automation. The cooperation between the three parties is defined by speed, trust and professionalism.


  • Optimise bill of materials: from 75 back to 5 suppliers
  • itsme keeps buffer stock long-lead items for Heliox
  • Smart price agreements with suppliers
  • Cooperation with cabinet constructor VHE Industrial Automation
  • Advice with regard to safety and PPE

Jeroen Scherders, Purchasing & Logistics manager: “It was clear that we needed help scaling up our production. After all, we are essentially a development company, not a production company. We are grateful to itsme for all its help, proactive attitude, practical approach and speed of action.”

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