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ABB Training

itsme’s ABB training courses includes training both in new products or systems as well as in existing automation systems. Our training provides comprehensive, up-to-date technical expertise that increases your employees’ skills, knowledge and productivity.
itsme offers practice-oriented and demand-oriented training programs for ABB’s frequency converters. The ABB training programs are based on our recognized experience in the development, commissioning and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment. Our ABB training programs are aimed at engineering, programming, maintenance and operations personnel.
As part of itsme organization, Schultz + Erbse offers hands-on and interactive training in our training centers in Hamburg, Hagen and Leipzig. And with our mobile training resources, we make it possible for you to have an "in-house" event on site. In addition, we also offer tailor-made training for your requirements. Just ask our experts!

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FREQ-ABB - ABB Frequency Converters
In this course the participants will learn the fundamentals of the inverter technology as well as the parameterization of frequency converters. Various scenarios are programmed on the PC.
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ABB Expertenkreis
Auch in 2020 wollen wir wieder Neuigkeiten und tolle Lösungen mit ABB zeigen! Wir laden Sie recht herzlich zu unserer Kundenveranstaltung, am 26.03.2020 ein.
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ABB Frequency Converters Motion Workshop
In diesem Workshop können die Teilnehmer die ABB ACS Antriebe näher kennen lernen. An aktuellen Demogeräten werden verschiedene Szenarien parametriert.
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ABB Value Provider
itsme Schultz+Erbse is an authorized value provider for ABB. This means our sales and technical teams are on a par with ABB’s own engineers. ABB trains us and audits us to ensure we comply with the obligations and responsibilities which come with the Authorized Value Provider program:
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