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Siemens ET200S becomes ET200SP

The SIMATIC ET200S will be replaced on October 1st by the ET 200SP with more compact modules and the latest in I / O technology.

Order now and save at least 30%!

The ET200S will remain available until October 2030 to service your installations. However, availability will be discontinued by Siemens. In addition, the discount conditions are changing radically. This means that after October 1st, depending on your current discount, you'll pay at least 30% more for ET200S products. So, if you are planning to purchase ET200S products for production or maintenance, don't hesitate and order before October 1st. You can find an overview of all the quickly available ET200S articles here.

Configure the ET200SP

Are you making the switch to the ET200S? Sensible, because with more compact modules and the latest state of IO technology, the SIMATIC ET200SP offers you every conceivable possibility. But as a result of those improvements, ET200S products have no direct successors. Therefore you can quickly and easily use our fully integrated TIA Selection Tool to determine (based on your current ET200S installation) your ET200SP components. Watch our instructional video on the right and click below to go to our TIA Selection Tool.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​More information about the TIA Selection Tool is available here. ​​​​​​​And our experts of itsme Industrial Automation are more than happy to support your migration to the ET200SP.
For quick and practical support by one of our experts, please feel free to call us or request an appointment here.


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