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Coupling relay in industrial enclosure 2 CO, combination voltage

  1. SIEMENS 3RS18002BP00 3138554
!!! Phased-out product !!! The preferred successor is 3RQ2000-2BW00. Coupling relays in industrial enclosure 2 change-over contacts Combination voltage 24 V and 220-240 V AC/DC Spring-type terminal Coupling relay in industrial enclosure SIRIUS 3RS18 for coupling control signals to and from a controller in a 22.5 mm industrial enclosure.One product covers all voltages. Reduction in the number of versions results in cost savings. High level of contact reliability even at low currents.Devices are available in combi-voltage or wide voltage range versions, with one to three changeover contacts, with electronics-compatible outputs (hard gold-plating) as well as with screw-type or spring-loaded terminals.Labels are available as accessories.SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.