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Reversing contactor assembly AC-3, 7.5 kW/400 V 24 V DC 3-pole S0

  1. SIEMENS 3RA23258XB302BB4 3565576
Reversing contactor assembly AC-3, 7.5 kW/400 V, 24 V DC 3-pole, Size S0 Spring-type terminal electrical and mechanical Interlock 2 NO integrated Reversing contactor assembly SIRIUS 3RA23 for switching motors including change of rotation direction.The 3RA23 reversing contactor assembly is a proven and factory-fitted combination of two 3RT2 contactors of the same output which are already fully wired and are interlocked both mechanically and electrically. They are climate-resistant, approved for worldwide use (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and are IE3/IE4-ready.The 3RA23 reversing contactor assemblies are available with AC and DC actuation in sizes S00 to S3. They are offered with screw or spring-loaded terminals for mounting on DIN rails or screw mounting.The accessories of the 3RT2 contactors are standard for all sizes and can also be used for the contactor assemblies.The 3RA23 reversing contactor assemblies will replace the proven 3RA13 series.Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.