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Cover, 3p, for connection width extension, size 3

  1. EATON NZM3XKSAV 3578976
Optional accessories for the circuit-breaker series NZM offers a comprehensive portfolio of application options for use world wide. The mounting is always flexible and easy thanks to the modular function groups. Notes: part no. contains parts for a terminal located at top or bottom for 3 pole circuit-breakers. Insulation protection / busbar tag shroud for connection of cable lugs or busbars to connection width extension. can also be used fir connection width extension NZM3-XKV70(-2) with terminals NZM3-XK300 or NZM3-XK22x21 or NZM4-XKA. When using insulated conductor material to IP2X. Cannot be combined with connection width extension NZM3-XKV70KB. Can be used for: NZM3, PN3, N(S)3, NZM3-XKV70(-2)