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itsme, in cooperation with Fluke, offers a measurement course on the VDE regulations. Our training provides comprehensive, up-to-date technical knowledge that enhances the skills, knowledge and productivity of your employees.

itsme offers practice-oriented training programs to the VDE regulations. The training programs are based on our recognized experience in the development, commissioning and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment. Our training programs are aimed at engineers, programmers, maintenance and operations personnel.

As part of its organization Schultz + Erbse offers practical and interactive training in our training centers in Hamburg, Hagen and Leipzig. And with our mobile training resources, we enable you to have an "in-house event" on site. In addition, we also offer tailor-made training for your requirements. Just ask our experts!

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Machine safety risk analysis
Die Sicherheit von Mensch und Anlage sollten immer den höchsten Stellenwert in der Fertigung einnehmen. Sind Sie sicher, hier auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein? Oder haben sich durch Umbauten oder Neuerungen die Rahmenbedingungen in Ihrem Betrieb geändert?
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VDE Meassuring course - Measuring course according to VDE-Regulations
Operational safety regulation according to BGV A3. DIN VDE 0100-600, DIN VDE 0105 und DIN VDE 0701-0702
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Work and safety clothing
With our safety clothing you not only protect your staff, you also ensure that your employees can be more productive. We visit your location, evaluate which personal protection to wear and take into account your wishes for color and print. We advise your employees about their dress size, let them fit the clothes and come to you with the demo-bus of our partner Mascot. That saves you time. And it is also very practical.
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Connected Business
Efficiency is worth a lot, also when it concerns your logistics processes. Think of the many order lines for your flow of goods for example. Most of these involve low value goods. However, with too many operations the cost can quickly increase by tenfold. How much profit can you achieve here?
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