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Financial services

Industry and engineering are looking to optimise their company processes now more than ever before. International competition is intense and the margins are razor sharp. That requires financial clout. It requires the right investments at the right time. We are keen to support you with our financial services.

Project Financing? Let us take care of your invoice at the start of a project and bring peace of mind. No more waiting months for a payment.

Led Lease? Experience the benefits of led lighting without a huge one-time acquisition. You save immediately and pay off your investment in instalments.

Workshop Equipment Lease? Spread out the costs for furnishing your workplace. You pay in instalments and maintain financial flexibility.

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Payment services
We understand that oversight gets you further. So we prefer to send you periodically a combined invoice instead of an invoice for every order. And what about payment terms and possible payment discounts? We are also flexible in that area. Ask for the options and we will call you within a business day.
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Project financing
A new project allows machine manufacturers and module builders to showcase what they are capable of. Working with the latest technology and newest innovations: there is nothing wrong with losing yourself in something you’re good at. But how do you maintain that focus when payment doesn’t arrive until the end of a project? And in the meantime you keep incurring costs?
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Lighting lease
More and more industrial end users are seeing the benefit of led lighting for their production environment. A substantial contribution in CO2 reduction, energy savings: with led lighting the sword is double edged. And thanks to our offer for led leasing, you require no prior costly investments.
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Workspace lease
The workplace of an industrial end user quickly accumulates a substantial amount of capital. All those machines, devices and accessories: they are necessary for maintenance and repair, even if their purchase can be a high threshold. Especially when that investment comes from operating expenses \\(OPEX\\).
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  • NEWS
    Corona News and Information
    itsme helps to make you succeed. Under all circumstances, especially now! That is why we keep in close contact with you, with our suppliers and with each other to act together in a practical and effective manner. We act on your information and adjust the availability of products and our services accordingly.
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  • NEWS
    Siemens TIA Portal V16
    With the new TIA Portal V16, Totally Integrated Automation Portal, Siemens has expanded its engineering framework with practical new functions for various phases from planning, to engineering, to commissioning. The innovations concentrate on the continuous integration of the development process. These include standardization, integrated engineering spread across teams and an integrated function test. This enables users to increase the quality of their software, shorten commissioning times and reduce engineering costs.
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