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Baking without breaking

Mechatronic customisation for roof tiles factory Wienerberger

Starting point

  • Too much movement of roof tiles during the production process leads to breakage
  • The air cylinder in the machine appears not to be functioning properly
  • Settings of machine are not secured with data


One small crack during production and a roof tile is worthless. Therefore, roof tile factory Wienerberger Janssen-Dings wants to further optimise the production process in order to secure movement of the tiles and avoid breakage.

In the existing processing line, the air cylinder is determined to be too dependent on environmental conditions, such as flow, pressure, temperature and humidity. In addition, employees adjust the settings of the machine line based on ‘intuition’ every day. All too often, this leads to breakage and an unpredictable production process.


itsme put together a team of specialists in the mechanical and electrotechnical and industrial automation fields. Together they determine which solution Wienerberger needs. This consists of an SNR belt drive with a Wittenstein gearbox powered by a Siemens servomotor.

Together, a Siemens motion controller and a Siemens HMI form the control technology. The result: the machine runs in a more stable manner. Wienerberger’s employees no longer have to check every day whether the settings of the movement are still correct. Fewer roof tiles break, which leads to a decrease in failure costs and loss. By now, a second machine line has also been upgraded with this customisation solution.


  • itsme offers mechatronic customisation solution
  • The operation of a complex movement runs smoothly through factual data
  • More efficient adjustment of the machine
  • Decrease in breakage and loss

Wim van Lier, Head of Technical Services: “We were looking for a party that would really delve into our question. Who would understand what we were talking about and spoke our language. itsme met these requirements. The team showed determination to find a solution.”

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