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In the right gear with VCST Industrial Products

Starting point

  • Requirement for equal service– and knowledge level
  • Necessity to acquire Local Excellence in Romania
  • Bureaucratic and linguistic obstacles


VCST’s philosophy is to be as close to the end user as possible, so it can best meet the needs of the local customer: Global Presence, Local Excellence. This is why VCST started building a new production location in Romania in 2012. In order to guarantee quality and production efficiency, VCST wishes to receive the same service– and knowledge level in Romania as it does in Belgium. Furthermore, local expertise remains important in an international technical environment.


In order to align the knowledge and service levels, Breemes and itsme Key Accounts established contact between the itsme subsidiary ES Elektro Romania and VCST. ES Elektro Romania contacted Breemes for product specifications of manufactured goods that Breemes delivers to VCST in Belgium. By matching these products, VCST’s Romanian subsidiary can rely on receiving the same goods and is thus ensured that serial production can be started efficiently.

The companies are only 100 km’s apart in Romania. This enables ES Elektro Romania to always have someone on site within half a day. For the automation of the production lines, an industrial Field-PG was purchased. Together with itsme Industrial Automation an S7-course was developed and taught in Romanian, enabling the 4 local mechanics to independently install PLC’s, commission software and fix malfunctions and breakdowns. Globalisation often coincides with obstacles, such as bureaucracy.

For example, the rapidly changing laws in Romania. ES Elektro Romania’s management is very familiar with this and helps VCST with legislation. By doing so, the companies can build a strategic partnership.


  • Alignment of service– and knowledge level in Belgium and Romania 
  • Industrial Automation S7-course led to independent Romanian mechanics
  • Strategic partnership
  • Single-point-of-contact


“Globalization often means a change in culture and international obstacles, such
as bureaucracy en language barriers. Also, there is no previously proven similar quality. ES Elektro Romania has given me a positive impression. It clearly has itsme DNA and that’s reassuring. Locally, we speak the same language, which is practical and efficient.“,
says Kris Peetermans, Sourcing Manager Non Production Goods at VCST.

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