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itsme Lighting Technology enlightens at Janssen Biologics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Update 25 June 2020

Janssen Vaccines, which together with Janssen Biologics is part of Janssen Netherlands, will start with testing a corona vaccine on humans in the second half of July. Owner Johnson & Johnson announced this in a press release. Thanks to the company's earlier positive results in developing a vaccine, the drug authorities have granted permission to start this next phase in the upcoming month.

This study is going to be conducted among 1045 healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 55 in Belgium and the United States. It examines whether the vaccine is safe, how the body responds to it and – very important – how the immune response is. The Netherlands has stricter rules for studies with test subjects, which is why the vaccine is not tested on humans over there.

In the meantime, the company is preparing to produce a billion doses worldwide by 2021 if the vaccine is shown to be effective. 


Update 31 March 2020

The consequences of corona can now be felt worldwide. All over the world people are working hard on a vaccine, also from the Netherlands. The pharmaceutical company Janssen Biologics plays an important role in this.

The genetic code for the virus was released on January 12, 2020. For the Leiden based companay Janssen Biologics the go-ahead for the search for an effective drug. Janssen Biologics scales up after the World Health Organization (WHO) statement that this is a health care crisis. From that moment on, the focus has largely been on developing a vaccine against Corona. itsme has previously participated in the Johnson & Johnson Healthy Future 2015 program - Janssen Biologics is part of this globally operating health company.

​​​​​​​Starting point

  • Conventional outdoor lighting reached end-of-life
  • Certain locations inadequately lit for security cameras
  • Energy user outdoor lighting 48.000 kW per year


Based on it's credo, Johnson&Johnson developed the Healthy Future 2015 programme: A fi ve-year strategic plan for priorities in the fi elds of society and sustainability. The company is environmentally conscious and there are clear reduction targets, amongst others for CO2 emission and energy consumption. Employee safety is also a key issue. In case of emergency, employees must be able to fi nd and follow evacuation routes quickly. To ensure this, proper function of the escape route is essential.


Based on measurements and lighting calculations, itsme Lighting Technology developed a lighting plan. As it was a large project, a demo setup was fi rst placed for both building and door lighting. After a test phase the lighting plan for the building was realised with 80 Prolumia 30W en 50W LED Streetlight fi xtures. Due to the application of High Power LEDs, these fi xtures are energy saving. The aluminium body also ensures proper cooling of the LEDs, which minimises the light relapse during the lifespan. 60 Polaris series 200 fi xtures, the LED-replacement for an 8W fl uorescent fi xture, were used for the door lighting. The advantage of this type of fi xture is that it has two illumination levels. By using a switch, the lights can shine at High Level (15 lux), only when necessary. The remaining time the fi xtures shine at Low Level (about 3 lux), thus reducing energy consumption to 2,2 Watt. By doing so, a lot of energy can be saved without compromising on safety.


  • Outdoor lighting replaced by LED
  • Enhanced security
  • Energy use outdoor lighting 23.000 kW per year
  • CO2 emission reduced by more than 50%

“This plan leads to more and better lighting with less lighting pollution, because the light beam is much more focussed with LED. Furthermore, LED is maintenance friendly and a lot more energy effi cient than conventional lighting. With this solution, the Total Cost of Ownership is much lower.”, says Ronald Los, Technical Commercial Advisor for itsme Lighting Technology.

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