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Emerson, one of the global leaders in technology

Emerson is a technology and engineering company founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA that creates innovative solutions for its customers, with a major impact on critical areas of life such as fighting food waste, housing comfort, IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things, renewable energy and efficient use of natural resources.

Through the two business platforms, Automation Solutions and Commercial and Residential Solutions, from the position of a trusted advisor, Emerson faces with confidence and strength the challenges of an increasingly complex and unpredictable market, creating long-term value for its customers.

The campus in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, was founded in 2006 and has 3 multidisciplinary European business centres and 8 engineering and manufacturing facilities. Today, it is the largest Emerson site in Europe, with more than 2600 employees who have extensive expertise in the areas of engineering, research and development, customer services, finance, IT, procurement, human resources, legal services, training, technical support, and more.

What is iCenter?

A business structure called iCenter is operating at the Cluj-Napoca campus that designs, builds and delivers electrical panels for global customers in the Oil & Gas industry, the Pharma industry, and the power producers and suppliers.
Forty specialists, assisted by auxiliary staff, work at iCenter, often offering innovative solutions to challenging projects that are brought to the table. The end product is a state-of-the-art automation cabinet, with an Emerson solution, deliverable anywhere in the world. BP, Shell, Total and Pfizer are some of the larger iCenter global customers. Locally, companies like Hidroelectrica, Rompetrol and OMV have maximum confidence in iCenter products and solutions.

ES Elektro, strategic partner

The partnership between the American company and ES Elektro Romania arose naturally with the development of the Emerson platform in Cluj-Napoca. ES Elektro has been a major supplier for iCenter ever since the launch of this business structure at Emerson in 2014.

“They have helped us ever since with offers and mechanical and electrical components that are absolutely vital for production. Our collaboration has worked well, and as iCenter has grown, so has the relationship with ES Elektro. In our vision, they will remain a strategic partner for iCenter and Emerson, especially as the industry’s trend aims towards regionalisation, meaning that it is important to have the major suppliers close to us, from a geographical and linguistic point of view. ES Elektro meets these criteria, and in addition to the basic advantages, it also provides knowledge, alacrity and flexibility,”

​​​​​​​ explains Silviu Olaru, Procurement Team Leader at iCenter, Emerson.

​​​​​​​Where ES Elektro can help

Silviu Olaru also talks about iCenter projects that involve the need for two different types of materials and components. “On the one hand, there are projects for which we need standard components, where there are several suppliers who are doing very well, including ES Elektro Romania. One of these projects is Cityo, a configure-to-order cabinet, a standard product that Emerson promotes intensely. It has a simpler design, a shorter delivery time and a lower price, and some customers will find these features attractive. Regarding this type of product, for a large proportion of the components we rely on ES Elektro Romania, which has proved that it can deliver exactly what is needed, in a timely manner,” says Silviu Olaru.

​​​​​​​On the other hand, when it comes to products specifically configured for particular customers, there is a need for more specialised suppliers. Silviu Olaru believes that ES Elektro has much better technical knowledge than other suppliers, and has special expertise in this niche, a huge product database and short delivery times. In addition, there are some components that Emerson needs only once, unique orders, and not every supplier can do this.

​​​​​​​“These are some of the reasons why ES Elektro will remain a strategic partner of iCenter and Emerson in the special product domain,”

concludes Silviu Olaru.
In fact, the partnership between the two parties does not stop at Romania’s borders, because there are contacts and business dealings between Emerson and the Itsme Group, to which ES Elektro Romania also belongs at an international level.

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