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Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA

​​​​​​​Motion without compromise

ELGA – the perfect solution whenever you need a protected guide. The complete series of linear axes with internal guides comes in many variants with toothed belt or spindle drive for impressive dynamic response, speed and power, while the different guides ensure it can be used in a multitude of applications.

​​​​​​​The ELGA is available as an individual axis or as a complete solution for standard handling systems.


Simple, durable, highly dynamic – this large product range with three guide variants is suitable for many different applications. The scope of applications is extended even further by the numerous sizes, the large stroke range, optional second slide and various safety features.


The internal guide protects the ELGA when the going gets tough. The stainless steel cover band, its virtually gap-free design and guide pulley in the slide provide protection on the outside and inside, enabling it to be used in cleanrooms.

Complete portfolio

The ELGA and the electric axis series EGC complement one another perfectly. The ELGA can be used wherever there is a need for protected or highperformance axes. And the EGC can be used wherever a high level of rigidity and cost effectiveness are essential. This provides you with the correct linear motion in all applications. Added bonus: identical interfaces for slide, aluminium profile and motor.


• Protected: insensitive to harsh ambient conditions
• Clean: virtually no particle emissions for use in cleanrooms
• Perfect fit: different guide variants
• Powerful: maximum feed force and maximum service life
• Efficient: optimally configured with PositioningDrives

Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB

The drives ELGA are extremely dynamic thanks to high speeds even with large loads and long strokes.
  • Recirculating ball bearing guide -KF for absorbing high loads from slides and guides with lateral forces and torques, even during motion.
  • Roller guide -RF for highly dynamic handling, even of medium and large-sized workpieces.
  • Plain-bearing guide -G for simple positioning and handling tasks or as a drive axis for applications with external guides.

Spindle axes ELGA-BS

The drive for precise and smooth operation, even with high loads and long strokes.

​​​​​​​Slide guide type: recirculating ball bearing guide -KF for absorbing high lateral forces and torques, even during motion.


Second slide

For toothed belt axes with recirculating ball bearing guide –KF
  •  1 driven and 1 additional, freely movable slide
  •  For higher axial and lateral forces and higher loads
  • Reduced, split guide loads for longer service life
  • Additional mounting options
  • Compact design
  • Both Z-axes move independently
  • Long Z-axis guide for high rigidity at high speeds and loads

Sample application: Simple and flexible double pick & place solution.

Toothed belt axis for use in the food industry

  • FDA-compliant materials and food-industry approved NSFH1 lubrication
  • Optional: FDA-compliant toothed belt made from white polyurethane (PU)
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Guide variants:
    • − Roller bearing guide -RF
    • − Recirculating ball bearing guide -KF
  • Freely positionable inductive proximity sensor for optional sensing
  • Optional connection of vacuum for reduced particle emissions
  • Optional connection of slight overpressure to prevent the ingress of dirt


​​​​​​​Product video


Detailed product information on the toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA.

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