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Contactor S00 3-pole AC-3 4 kW/400 V, auxiliary switch 01E (1 NC) AC o

  1. SIEMENS 3TF20010AL2 3564537

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Contactor, Size 00, 3-pole, AC-3 4 kW/400 V Screw terminal Auxiliary switch 01E (1 NC) 230 V AC 50/60 Hz AC operation !!! Phased-out product !!! Successor is SIRIUS 3RT201 or 3TG10 Miniature contactor 3TF2 for switching motors.The 3TF2 miniature contactors offer convincing performance from a compact design with high contact reliability and a wide selection of connection methods. The front-panel terminals simplify the wiring. The devices are approved for worldwide use (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA).They are available with AC and DC operation, in various voltages and with different auxiliary contacts. Versions with screw terminals, flat connectors or solder pin connections are available.Auxiliary switches and surge suppressors, for example, are available as accessories.Many of your 3TF2 applications could, if necessary, also be implemented using products from the latest SIRIUS modular system, with all its advantages.