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Residual current ammeter RCD310 Basic RCD type A side-mounted rated fa

  1. SIEMENS residual current device RCD310 B... 7223569
residual current device RCD310 Basic RCD type A side mounted rated resid. current 0.03...5A at 50/60Hz tv instantaneous 4-pole In=160A Ue=127-480V accessory for: 3VA1 with terminal connection Residual current ammeters for 3VA molded-case circuit breakers. Residual current devices can be used to prevent or reduce hazardous residual currents that could cause injury to personnel and livestock, and damage to property. These are available as accessory components for the 3VA series. All residual current protection devices detect both purely sinusoidal AC residual currents as well as pulsating DC residual currents (type A). Key features of these accessory components: 1. Available as type A (pulse current-sensitive). 2. Easy mechanical installation of the residual current ammeters direct at the switch. This allows a very compact design. www.siemens.de/3VA. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution systems as well as switches and sockets for safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.