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Housing, insulated material, for molded-case circuit-breaker NZM1 size

  1. EATON MCCB1160I43E200 3582413
Enclosure for molded-case circuit-breaker and switch-disconnector, material characteristic polycarbonate, impact-resistant, degree of protection IP65, patented cover fasteners with integrated overpressure compensation, use as individual enclosure and distribution board, observe the technical data of other equipment when connecting distribution boards, metric cable entry knockouts in all sides, enclosure side plates can be knocked out or grouped next to other devices, mounting plate pre-drilled for switch and pre-drilled for a PE and N terminal, mounting plate made from 3mm sheet steel, sealable cover fasteners, cover type: transparent smoky, predrilled, degree of protection IP65, with switch door coupling rotary handle NZM...-XTVD and extension shaft, fixing material for fixing material, fixing strap BL-CI, not in combination with remote operator NZM…-XR, plug-in unit NZM…-XSV or withdrawable unit NZM…-XAV, rated uninterrupted current Iu=160 A, can be used for switch NZM1(-4), N1(-4), N(N/O)1(-4), can be used for terminals K50/1, K95/1N…, notes: additional terminals for PE- and N-conductor K50/1, K95/1N... for 4. and 5. pole must be ordered separately