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Dust protection cap

  1. EATON LSXSKZBZ 3576482
IEC EN 60947-5-1, IP65_x, approval of employers' liability insurance Association GS-ET-19, device for world markets, actuator for electromagnetic door interlock, the ZBZ power switch enhances the safety standard for personnel and process protection through reliable protection and locking of protective doors. The ZBZ power switch works according to two principles of operation: with magnetic force or spring-powered interlock. Spring-powered interlock lends itself optimally to personnel protection. Thus each door stays safely closed even during a power failure. In an emergency, the protective guard should be opened using an auxiliary release mechanism. Magnetic-powered interlocks are used for personnel and process protection. The protective shroud is locked when voltage is applied, in the event of power failure the protected area is directly accessible. With separate annunciation of the door position, suitable for use with electronic devices to IEC/EN 61131-2