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Continuous light elements LED, 24 V UC, blue

  1. SIEMENS elemento de luz permanente, con LED integrado, azu 3574529
Continuous light element, with integrated LED, blue, 24 V AC/DC, Diameter 50 mm Continuous light element SIRIUS 8WD4 including light sources for modular installation of signaling columns, e.g. for visual and/or acoustic warning devices or for the control of complex processes.Thanks to the high degree of protection, the rugged devices are suitable for industrial use and are extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations. The secure bayonet mechanism allows easy installation as well as quick replacement of the light elements.In addition to a continuous light, flashlights, blinklights and rotating lights in various colors and voltages are available, as well as buzzers and sirens. They can be supplied with various diameters, optionally also with communication capability through connection to AS-Interface Optimum light distribution is achieved by using several LEDs in one light module.Feet, pipes, adapters, incandescent lamps, LEDs and pipe adapters are available as accessories.SIRIUS 8WD signaling columns - for every application. Simple. Flexible. Rugged.