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sine-wave filter 9,0 A 0,052 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32020AE211SA0 3569553

Price on request

SINAMICS Sinus filter for Power Module FSB base mounting possible 380-480V 3AC 9.0A Electrical filter SINAMICS sinewave filter for the SINAMICS G120 modular frequency converter. Sinewave filters limit both the rate of change of the voltage (dv/dt) and the peak voltages across the motor winding. In a similar way to an output reactor, it permits connection of longer motor cables. Shaft currents are also substantially reduced. This makes it possible to run standard motors with standard insulation and without insulated bearings connected to SINAMICS. The voltage load on the motor winding is therefore almost at the same level as in direct on-line operation. Due to the very small rates of change of the voltage on the motor cable, the sinewave filter also has a positive effect on the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The sinewave filter is available for the two frame sizes Power Module FSA and FSB capable of being installed as a base component and in the three-phase voltage range 380 V to 480 V. SINAMICS – simply my drive!