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line reactor 29,5 A ,

  1. SIEMENS 6SE64003CC035CB3 3279471

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MICROMASTER 4 Line reactor 200V-240V 1AC 29.5A Base FSC-0.57MH not base with V20 Electrical reactor SINAMICS line reactor for SINAMICS V20, as well as the compact SINAMICS G110 inverters and MICROMASTER 4. Line reactors are used to smooth voltage peaks and/or to buffer commutation dipsLine reactors also reduce the effects of harmonics on the inverter and the supply system. If the line impedance is <lt/>1 %, a line reactor must be used to reduce the current peaks. The line reactor covers a single-phase voltage range from 1AC 200 V up to 240 V and a three-phase voltage range from 3AC 200 V up to 600 V. For frame sizes FSA to FSD they are available as footprint component, and for frame size FSF, as standalone version. SINAMICS – simply my drive!