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line reactor 11,3 A , 36,0 W

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32030CE210AA0 3574408

Price on request

SINAMICS reactor 380-480V 3AC 47-63Hz I_LN=11.3 A Stand-alone Electrical reactor SINAMICS line reactor for the PM240-2 Power Module (standard and push-through variant) of the SINAMICS G120 modular converter and the SINAMICS G120C compact converter. Line reactors smooth the current drawn by the converter and thus reduce the harmonic content in the line current. Reducing the current harmonics also reduces the power components in the rectifier and thermally offloads the DC-link capacitors and reduces the line harmonic distortions. Using a line reactor increases the life of the converter. The line reactors are available in frame sizes FSA to FSC and in a three-phase voltage range 200 V to 480 V. SINAMICS – simply my drive.