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Shield connection kit CU230P-2 PN/ CU240E-2 PN/ CU240E-2 PN-F

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32641EA000HB0 3887554

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SINAMICS G120 Shield connection kit 3 incl. shield plate and mounting elements for Control Units CU230P-2 and CU240E-2 (-F) variant: PROFINET Shield connecting kit SINAMICS shield connecting kit for Control Units CU230P-2 PN, CU240E-2 PN and CU240E-2 PN-F for modular SINAMICS G120 inverters. The shield connecting kit offers optimum shield connection and strain relief for all signal and communication cables. It includes a matching shield bonding plate and all of the necessary connecting and retaining elements for mounting. The shield connecting kits are suitable for the following SINAMICS G120 Control Units: CU230P-2, CU240B-2, CU240E-2, CU250S-2. SINAMICS - simply my drive!