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SINAMICS PM240P-2, IP20 / UL open type, FSD, 500-690 V 3 AC, 22,00 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32101RH227UL0 7476538

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SINAMICS G120 POWER MODULE PM240P-2 UNFILTERED 3AC500-690V+10/-20% 47-63Hz OUTPUT HIGH OVERLOAD: 18.5KW FOR 150% 60S, 100% 240S AMBIENT TEMP -20 TO +50 DEG C (HO) OUTPUT LOW OVERLOAD: 22kW FOR 135% 3S, 110% 57S, 100% 240S AMBIENT TEMP -20 TO +40 DEG C (LO) 472 X 200 X 237 (HXWXD), FSD PROTECTION IP20 WITHOUT CONTROL UNIT AND PANEL APPROVED FOR CU FIRMWARE- VERSION V4.7 SP6 HF1 Power Module SINAMICS PM240P-2 Power Module degree of protection IP20 for industrial applications in the process industries for the SINAMICS G120P frequency converter. The Power Modules are available for use in the water/waste water sector and for industrial applications. The new PM240P-2 Power Modules are based on a new hardware platform, which permits a higher power density. The PM240P-2 Power Modules are also suitable for use in safety-related applications. In conjunction with an external tripping unit (e.g. SIRIUS 3SK1), the drive becomes a Safety Integrated Drive with the safety function Safe Torque Off with a Safety Integrity Level of up to SIL 3. A further advantage of the Power Module is its ruggedness because it can also be used in severe ambient conditions, such as temperatures of -10° to 60° and in corrosive environments (resistance to pollution). Enhanced energy efficiency is also achieved with a higher output voltage (98 percent) due to an integrated DC link reactor. This Power Module does not contain an integrated braking chopper and the permissible cable lengths between the converter and the motor are limited. To permit longer cable lengths, output reactors can be connected. The PM240P-2 Power Modules in frame sizes FSD to FSF are available both with and without an integrated Class A line filter in a compact design in a three-phase voltage range of 380 V to 480 V and in a three-phase voltage range of 500 V to 690 V. The PM240P-2 Power Modules with an integrated Class A line filter are suitable for connection to TN systems. The Power Modules without an integrated line filter are suitable for connection to grounded TN/TT and ungrounded IT systems. Shield plates and shield connection kits are available for use when wiring the Control Units and Power Modules to ensure compliance with EMC guidelines. SINAMICS – the integrated drive family for every field of application.