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SINAMICS G120X, IP20 / UL open type, FSJ, C3, 3 AC 380-480 V, 450,00 k

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32203YE620CF0 7628819

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SINAMICS G120X RATED POWER: 450kW for 135% 3S or 110% 60S, 100% 240s EMC filter for category C3 3AC380-480V+10/-20% 47-63Hz AMBIENT TEMP 0 TO +45 DEG C Frame Size: FSJ PROTECTION: IP20/ UL OPEN TYPE With Intelligent Operator Panel Without IO expansion INTEGRATED FIELDBUS: PROFINET-PN, Ethernet IP Frequency converter SINAMICS G120X Master the elements For the pump/fan applications, the water/wastewater (W/WW) and building technology/HVAC sectors. The SINAMICS G120X impresses due to the straightforward selection and ordering, easy handling out of the box and simple integration in the application. Simple setup with the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module or the IOP-2 operator panel. The SINAMICS G120X operates stably under all line conditions, optionally complies with the EMC categories C2 and C1, and is particularly robust due to its operating temperature from -20 °C to +60 °C. Specific industry functions such as tube filling mode and bypass function make the converter especially efficient. All devices of the series are harmonized and integrated in terms of their voltages and networks, as well as consistently designed for cost-optimized and resource-saving operation. Their compact design saves space in the control cabinet. The SINAMICS G120X is available in nine frame sizes in a performance range between 0.75 kW and 630 kW. The SINAMICS G120X frequency converter can be put into operation easily using various options such as the external Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2), the Smart Access Module (SAM) and the Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2). SINAMICS – simply my drive!