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SINAMICS G120 CONTROL UNIT CU240E-2 E-TYPE SAFETY INTEGRATED STO RS485-INTERFACE, USS-PROTOCOL 6DI, 3DO, 2AI, 2AO, MAX 1F-DI PTC/KTY INTERFACE USB- AND SD/MMC-INTERFACE PROTECTION IP20 AMBIENT TEMP 0 TO +50 DEG C WITHOUT POWER MODULE AND PANEL Control Unit SINAMICS CU240E-2 Control Unit for standard applications in general machinery construction for modular SINAMICS G120 inverters. The CU240E-2 Control Unit is part of the modular SINAMICS G120 inverter (comprising power unit, control unit, operator panel).The control unit is designed for all of the usual applications with U/f or vector control. These include encoderless basic applications in general machinery construction, for example.The CU240E-2 is equipped as standard with the integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function.Further, the control unit has the integrated SS1, SLS, SDI and SSM safety functions, allowing it to address a wide range of applications.The CU240E-2 Control Unit controls and monitors the power unit (Power Module) and the connected motor several control modes can be selected. It facilitates communication to a local or central control system as well as to the monitoring equipment – and is used to connect all process-related auxiliary equipment and external components (sensors, valves, contactors, etc.)The I/O interface, the fieldbus interfaces and the additional software functions optimally support its use in general machinery construction.For intuitive series commissioning, a card slot is provided for cloning parameters sets. The communication interface of the inverter is defined when selecting the CU240E-2. The following integrated communication versions are available: CU240E-2 with USS and Modbus RTU protocols, CU240E-2 DP PROFIBUS and CU240E-2 PN PROFINET, EtherNet/IP. The Control Unit can be operated with the following SINAMICS power units: PM240-2 (0.55 kW to 132 kW) and PM240 (up to 250 kW). SINAMICS - simply my drive!