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CPX-M-FB21 bus node

  1. FESTO CPX-M-FB21 7472299
bus node CPX-M-FB21 Dimensions W x L x H=(* (including interlinking block), * 100 mm x 110 mm x 130 mm), Fieldbus interface=(* (Rugged Line FO conn. ,input), * (Rugged Line FO conn. ,output), * Rugged line FOC connection, outgoing, * Rugged line FOC connection, incoming), Device-specific diagnostics=(* Channel and module-oriented diagnostics, * Undervoltage modules, * Diagnostics memory), Parameters configuring=(* Diagnostics behaviour, * Fail-safe reaction, * Forcing of channels, * Signal setup, * System parameters), Additional functions=(* Module and system parameterisation via operator unit, * System status can be represented using process data, * Additional diagnostics interface for operator units)