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Braking resistor 5,00 Ohm,

  1. SIEMENS JJY:023464020001 7478300

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Fa. Heine Breaking resistor FOR POWERMODULE PM240-2 FSF P_MAX=110kW/12S/5% ED R=5 OHM P_DAUER=5500W Accessories for inverters braking resistor for the PM240-2 Power Module for modular SINAMICS G120 inverters. The excess DC link energy is dissipated using braking resistors.They are intended for use with PM240-2 and PM240 Power Modules (mounted next to the Power Modules). These Power Modules are equipped with an integrated braking chopper and cannot regenerate back to the line supply. For regenerative operation, e.g. when braking flywheel loads with a high moment of inertia, a braking resistor should be connected that converts the generated energy into heat.The braking resistors for the Power Modules, frame sizes FSD to FSGX, should be placed outside the control cabinet or outside the switchgear room so that the heat is dissipated away from the Power Modules. This reduces climate control costs.Every braking resistor is equipped with a temperature switch. The temperature switch should be evaluated in order to avoid subsequent damage if the braking resistor is thermally overloaded. Braking resistors are available for frame sizes FSA to FSC – as well as for PM240-2 Power Modules (frame sizes FSC to FSF). An optional Braking Module is available for frame size FSGX. SINAMICS – simply my drive!