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Braking resistor 400,00 Ohm, 1,50 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SL35010BE086AA0 3569703

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SINAMICS G110D Braking resistor 0.75kW/1.5kW, 400 ohm, IP65 Braking resistor SINAMICS braking resistor for the G110D distributed converter. Excess energy in the DC link is dissipated via the braking resistors. The braking resistors are intended for use with SINAMICS G110D, which have an integrated braking chopper and cannot feed regenerated energy back into the supply system. For generative operation, e.g. braking a mass with a large moment of inertia, a braking resistor must be connected that converts the energy to heat. The braking resistors can be mounted above and to the side of the distributed SINAMICS G110D converter. The heat dissipated from the braking resistor must not adversely affect the cooling of the converter. For this reason, a minimum distance of 150 mm must be maintained between the converter and the braking resistor. The braking resistor is available for a three-phase voltage ranging from 380 V to 500 V and in a power range of 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW. Each braking resistor is implemented with overtemperature protection, which prevents thermal overloading of the braking resistor. Moreover, all braking resistors are implemented as standard with a cable that is pre-assembled and has a cable length of 500 mm. SINAMICS – simply my drive!