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Braking resistor 180,00 Ohm, 1,00 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SE64004BC050AA0 3279079

Price on request

MICROMASTER 4 Braking resistor 200-240 V 180R 1000W PK 50W cont. 230x 72x 43.5 mm HxWxD IP20 Braking resistor SINAMICS braking resistor for SINAMICS V20, as well as for MICROMASTER 4. The braking resistors are designed and dimensioned for use with the MICROMASTER 440 inverter series, frame sizes A to F with integrated braking chopper – and allow loads with high moments of inertia to be quickly braked.Excess energy is fed back to the inverter while the load and motor are being braked. This causes the DC link voltage to increase. The inverter transfers the excess energy to an externally mounted braking resistor. The braking resistor can be used for the voltage range 200 V to 480 V. SINAMICS – simply my drive!