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Braking resistor 160,00 Ohm, 4,00 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SL32010BE120AA0 3279635

Price on request

SINAMICS Braking resistor for Power Module FSB base mounting possible Braking resistor SINAMICS braking resistor for the Power Module Blocksize format of the SINAMICS S110 servo converter. The PM340 Power Modules cannot feed back regenerated energy into the supply system. For generative operation, e.g. braking a rotating inertial mass, a braking resistor must be connected that converts the resulting energy to heat. This braking resistor is connected to terminals DCP/R1 and R2. The braking resistors can also be mounted on the side next to the PM340 Power Module. For frame sizes FSA and FSB, the braking resistors are designed as base components. If the PM340 Power Modules of the two frame sizes are operated without a line reactor, the braking resistors are also mounted under the power modules. The braking resistor is available in a three-phase voltage range between 380 V and 480 V, for a DC link voltage from 510 V to 720 V, and in frame size FSB. The braking resistors are implemented with a temperature switch. The temperature switch must be evaluated to avoid consequential damage in case of thermal overload of the braking resistor. SINAMICS – the integrated drive family for every field of application. SINAMICS – simply my drive!