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Braking Module 50,00 kW

  1. SIEMENS 6SL33001AE325AA0 3891658

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SINAMICS BRAKING MODULE INPUT: 600 V DC OUTPUT: 250 KW/15 S FOR CHASSIS UNIT GX Braking Module SINAMICS Braking Module in Chassis format for the SINAMICS S120 inverter system. A Braking Module and the matching external braking resistor are required to bring drives to a controlled standstill in the event of a power failure (e.g. with an EMERGENCY STOP) or to limit the DC link voltage for brief periods of regenerative operation, e.g. if the Line Module is not capable of energy recovery. The Braking Module contains the power electronics and the associated control and also functions autonomously from the inverter control. During operation, the DC link energy is converted into heat loss in an external braking resistor and parallel operation of multiple Braking Modules is also possible, whereby an independent braking resistor must be connected to each Braking Module. Braking Modules are designed to be integrated into air-cooled Motor Modules or Power Modules and are cooled by the fans of these modules. The supply voltage for the electronics is obtained from the DC link. The advantage here is that the Braking Module is connected to the DC link by means of the busbar sets or flexible cables included in the scope of supply, and via a separate cable harness set for the Basic Line Modules frame size GB or GD. The activation threshold of the Braking Module can be adjusted by means of a DIP switch. Moreover, the braking power values specified in the technical specifications apply for the upper activation threshold. The Braking Module in Chassis format is available for a three-phase voltage range of 380 V to 480 V with a DC link voltage of 510 V to 720 V, a three-phase voltage range of 500 V to 600 V with a DC link voltage of 675 V to 900 V and a three-phase voltage range of 660 V to 690 V with a DC link voltage of 890 V to 1035 V. Furthermore, the Braking Module is available in the frame sizes FX/FB, GX/GB/GD and HX/JX. In addition, a cable harness set is available for installation of a Braking Module frame size GX into a Basic Line Module frame size GB or GD. SINAMICS – the integrated drive family for every field of application.