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SI Light sensor 0,1 - 100000 lx, IP 44 (outdoor), wall mounting

The SI system (current impulse system) is a control and automation system for fixed wire installations. The wide range of function modules and the logic through the wiring make the implementation of a number of control tasks possible, such as daylight and time-linked switching of electrical consumers (e.g. luminaires, roller shutters, blinds), dimming functions for low-voltage and DALI luminaires or even the protection of roller shutters and awnings from wind and rain. Individual, group and central commands can be added as desired. The SI system functions completely without PC programming, and can therefore be installed conventionally. As the wiring corresponds to the controls with relay or contactor circuits as far as possible, the project design and commissioning work is very reduced. Thanks to the consistent use of the 24 V DC control and supply voltage and the strict separation between the SELV and low-voltage side, the components are compact, reasonably priced and not sensitive to interference. Control lines with a length of up to 100 m also allow easy connection of standard switch programs even in large buildings. The system is especially suitable for lighting control. Remote dimmers, the DALI gateway and twilight sensors are also available, amongst other products. Sensors record physical, chemical, digital or analogue properties, such as temperature or brightness and emit these as an electric signal for further processing. The LF 1 light sensor is a component for evaluation units SIROLUX and EDS 16 for measuring the light value outdoors. It facilitates the measurement of the light value over a large measuring range and allows for long cable lengths when control devices are connected. Properties: light sensor for SIROLUX and EDS for outdoor mounting; cable length up to 100 m; multiple evaluation units can use on light sensor; Mounting: Surface mounting; orientation preferably facing north or east; Application areas: In conjunction with other components of the system, the light sensor makes it possible, amongst other things, to shade rooms or terraces and balconies using roller shutters and blinds or control the outdoor lighting of properties, buildings. paths and streets.