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Base, for cubicles with door at the rear, H: 200 mm, W: 600 mm, RAL 70

  1. SIEMENS 8MF12602CR 7477391
SIVACON, Base, for cabinets with front and rear door, H: 200 mm, W: 600 mm, RAL 7035 The SIVACON 8MF1 system cabinet – as versatile as your requirements. The modular SIVACON 8MF1 system allows custom solutions for almost all sectors of industry and applications. Fully assembled, adapted to your specifications or developed individually, the modular cabinets support individual creation of added value in control cabinet construction. The basis for the SIVACON 8MF1 modular system is the frame, which is available in 90 different sizes and can be combined with more than 2000 elements. Complete cabinets are available in three designs for standard applications: closed, ventilated and with inspection window. The SIVACON 8MF1 modular cabinets are tested in line with IEC 61439 and other standards for resistance to corrosion, heat resistance, resistance to abnormal heat and fire, lifting, impact testing, casing/sheathing degree of protection, protective conductor connection, proof of power loss transfer. With the SIMARIS therm software, you can easily and precisely dimension the heat dissipation of your control cabinets by entering the ambient air temperature and selecting the relevant devices in the cabinet. Key features of the Siemens SIVACON 8MF1 system cubicles: 1. The SIVACON 8MF1 system cubicles are screw-mounted and offer great stability. 2. Electrolytically zinc-plated and powder-coated enclosures ensure greater resistance to environmental influences such as humidity. 3. Earthquake-resistant and electromagnetically compatible empty control cabinet enclosures are also available. 4. The SIVACON 8MF system cubicles are available in a wide range of special and functional colors and multi-colored as required, with only a minimal increase in delivery time. www.siemens.de/sivacon-8MF. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution systems as well as switches and sockets for safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.