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Sensor-actuator patch cord Phoenix SAC-5P-M12MS/ 1.5-PUR/M12FR VW 1693966

  1. PHOENIX SAC5PM12MS1.5PUR 3273583

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Sensor-actuator patch cord; Number of poles 5; Type of electrical connection; field-sided M12; Type of plug-in contact; field sided Female (bus); Positioning cable feed; field-sided Angled; Type of electrical connection; box-sided M12; Type of plug-in contact; box-sided Male (plug); Positioning cable feed; box-sided Straight; Cable length 1.5 m; Material of cable sheath PUR (Polyurethane); Colour cable sheath Orange; Type of cable Multi-core; Material contact body CuSn; Material of contact surface Au; Permitted cable outer temperature; fixed -50 | 105 °C; Permitted cable outer temperature; in movement -40 | 105 °C; Rated current In 4 A; Nominal rated voltage 60 V; Continuity resistor 5 mOhm